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Bespoke Simulations & eLearning

Bespoke Simulations & eLearning

Helping you achieve your Learning and Development needs

TellUs know how to harness the power and benefits of elearning and simulations. Check out our cool statistics to see the reasons behind using elearning and simulations in your business.

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Improve Learning Experience

"25% of employees leave their jobs mainly due to lack of L&D opportunities. Whereas, on the other hand companies who do provide eLearning opportunities, generate about 26% more revenue per employee" – PTC University

Do you want happy employees? Of course you do and training is a great opportunity for your employees to grow.

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Eco Friendly

"Producing and providing eLearning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer C02 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses." – Britain’s Open University UK

Do you want to have a healthy impact on our planet?

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Keep up to date

"72% of companies who use eLearning stated that this helps them keep up-to-date with changes in their industry, which in turn helps them remain competitive with their niche." – SABI university

Using elearning and simulations for your training needs means that your employees will always be up to date with the latest industry requirements - basically they can keep up with the 21st century!

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Information Retention

"e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%. That means that, not only is e-Learning more cost efficient, but also it's also more effective." – Research Institute of America

Are you looking for the best possible method of delivering training?

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Boost Productivity

"eLearning can help companies boost productivity by 50%" – IBM Report

Would you like your company to grow?

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Corporate eLearning & Simulation use

"41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies now use some form of eLearning" – Elearning! Magazine

eLearning and simulations can be used in any industry. Do you think your business could benefit?

A good friend of ours recently said…

"The difference between online learning and eLearning is simple; if you want your learners to simply consume information then you give them online learning. If you want your learners to interact, engage and demonstrate their learning leading to greater knowledge retention and capability then you need eLearning." Boyd Glover, Director

Funnily enough, TellUs completely agree with Boyd. We can make your learning more interactive and engaging through a bespoke learning experience. TellUs like to add a sense of fun to their work, meaning your learners will enjoy their training as well. Awesome!

If you want to get involved with eLearning and bespoke simulations contact us right now.

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Our awesome Simulation & eLearning gallery

Welcome to our simulation and eLearning content gallery. Here we have some examples of the brilliant work that we have created for our clients.

Windows 7 Backup lesson small screenshot
Internet Explorer - Internet options lesson small screenshot
Mobile Application Development - Welcome Slide small screenshot
Mobile Application Development - Devices slide small screenshot
Mobile Application Development - Video slide small screenshot
Mobile Application Development - Video playing small screenshot
Mobile Application Development Challenge - Welcome slide small screenshot
Bespoke Simulation - Mobile Application Development small screenshot

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